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As well as continuing with the Lost & Found ( Perdido y Encontrar) project… which I would like to present in a very different way here, if it is even possible.. who knows.. there’s a beautiful wasteland with ruined buildings and everything next door to the art school so my initial thought is to use this as an exhibition space but where people have to almost geocache between exhibits.. gps co ordinates will take them to the next piece and so on… within this I am starting to create artificial artifacts ( artifakes) with terracotta clay, molding from the found objects I collect so.. all this will develop and come together somehow, at the moment it is just thinking out loud really.



So this is a work in progress…I suppose that is a redundant statement, everything is a work in progress because I am only part way through them all! well.. there we are.

Updated thoughts March 4th

So I have started painting the little artefakes with gold, my tutor suggested some other colours as well and I think it’s a good idea, at the moment I want to just do gold for the first few as it is the colour/symbol of worth and value so a lot of what my found object work is about is value, how can we look at something differently and see it as having more value than if it were just thrown in the street.

20160304_10565920160304_105706What I will do, as well as the wasteland is set them up in parts of the city and siesta time in La Laguna is so peaceful, it’s a great time for some guerilla arting! I made some tags to put with them because I am curious to see what people think and if they send me their responses and do anything with the pieces. I will of course add the items to a zeemaps when I place them.


deciding what to write on the tags.

Found Note Book

th4 pages are made from old advertising posters I salvaged from the guy when he was changing them.


I started compiling the notes and lists into the found note book, ( version 2, the one I have in Manchester sadly I do not have any good photos with me)  I salvaged some cardboard from the recycling to make the book and used shopping bag handles for the ties. It has to be made from found materials. I have started to add the times and dates of where I find the pieces, a suggestion my tutor made and I think she has a good point, she also suggested that I add a little photograph in the pages to give it some context and I am in two minds about this, it is more about the objects themselves and how together they form a larger unit, a hyper object, a collective and so I am not sure if I will do this or not… perhaps for some but not all, this is more about the thing and the insight it gives rather than the tracking of it, strangely since I seem to do this with everything else, maybe I want to keep the mysterious side of it for some reason.  .. like these ideas and perhaps I would like to scan everything and make a printed book, with the pieces in Manchester as well. So yeah, for this it really is more about the individual pieces and how they fit together, there may be some that require further explanations but I would like to keep it fairly loose.


just one, please  look here for more images

Feb 25th

I have also started  making postcards and mapping where I send them, at the moment I am making them out of exhibition and art school leaflets.. sent a few out so far and asking for anyone who wants one to send me their address, interesting to see where the majority are going, so far mostly UK, friends in the US and family and mates in Australia.

Initially I was going to stick a picture from an exhibition to a postcard and post to a mate who I thought would enjoy it but then, as is usual with me I turned it into a larger project, it is good though because I LOVE to collect gallery and exhibition leaflets, postcards, flyers and all things with bits of art and colour on them so this is a great way for me to do something useful with them and address this rather irritating but enjoyable habit of gathering all these things. It leads me to think what I might do with the many I have collected over the years and have at home in the UK, more postcards, larger work? It works in the context of the Lost & Found musuem as well I think, found objects they are in that they are not bought and I have a collection like no other!


here’s the map,


of course it will be updated as new cards are sent out. See images of the postcards HERE 

As I make more cards I am just adding the pictures to the image page above so as I know you absolutely must make sure you see every new one as it is posted, just make sure to check it a few times a day at least and you will not be let down!

postcards from Ash van Dyck on Vimeo. a little sequence with the first few postcards I made


Field Guide

I am also working on the field guide for future erasmus students but it has lots of stuff for anyone really, I am thinking about making some language flash cards in the lineup as well as the walks and mapping of them, I am currently playing around ( in my head) with a few ideas for interesting visualizations of the map tracking data, I am doing the sculpture trail sound maps and a general sound map etc.

Soundcloud page

Sculpture trail map ( work in progress)

As I record the sounds near the sculptures to go on the map I am uploading them but I am having some trouble with this particular map at the moment so it is slow going, it will come together though, I have most of the recordings but need to spend a full day out finishing them up.


These little guys are forming part of a graphic project on water in the Canary islands… obviously!

A photo posted by Ash van Dyck (@ashvandyck) on Feb 24, 2016 at 9:34am PST



I am rethinking an earlier idea of documenting and photographing all the doors I can, I very much like the variety in the doors I see and especially like the run down and battered ones, then I thought about it in terms of homelessness and privilege, who has what etc as there are people without a simple thing like a door to take shelter behind, we close doors on people to keep them out.. so there’s a great deal to the idea that I would like to explore. I saw these doors which at first glance appeared just fly tipped and abandoned but are actually there to provide shelter for a cave where people are clearly living, under the motorway


and of course I have a few other things in the works and hopefully when I get a chance to get out and scour the beaches these will come together ..

Speaking of Lost & Found I have this negative strip I have found and been playing with some some nice images might come from that and I made some postcards, check em out here I am going to make more and send them around and map where they end up.. or not but  I will send them around. I have a habit of collecting and keeping leaflets, especially ones from art shows and for events and stuff so I wanted to do something useful with them instead of hoarding the damned things!


Feb 28th


So these little guys are another work in progress, forming what I hope will be an informative little stop motion film that presents a few facts about water in Tenerife, and the world in general I guess.. water being crucial to everything. I really notice it here I guess as we have to buy bottled water so the act of buying and carrying 8 litre bottles every couple of days really makes you think about how much water we use and in turn how much is required to manufacture the bottles and ship them, recycle them etc so it is a large and involved cycle. I will leave this one til as late as I can so i can collect as many lids off the water that I buy as possible, already I have used more than this so will find a few to make the numbers up. I want to see just how much water I use in my time here, bottled I mean.


water buddies.

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