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I have started “installing”the artefakes around town and will be documenting them on this map, I am hoping that people will take them and then upload the pictures and what they did with them to the lost and found museum, if not that’s ok too! I will add photos to the image post  and updates as I do new ones, so far on Sunday March 6th I “installed” 2 artworks, #1 & #2 in the series.

March 8th,
I installed three more pieces around La Laguna today,all on the map here

The idea is that as gold is the colour of value and of worth  will be automatically drawn to it and want to to find out what it is. I am trying to put them in places that are slightly obscure but not too obscure, people who naturally look around and are curious will see them. It is about making something that people will question the value of. Is it the materials, is it the time I took making them and the effort to install and wrote the tags? Is it in the idea of the project itself? This is what I am really interested to find out.

I did twitter and Instagram hashtags #artefakesLL & museoperdidoLL as well to keep track. I mean in all seriousness nothing may come of this, maybe no one will pick them up or respond but who knows! I hope, even if people do not leave me any responses that the project gives them cause to think.
It is also part of my explorations within the Lost & Found Museum

Mapping where I install them will be, of course an ongoing part of the work














Update, March 12th

So I did the first five or six pieces in Santa Cruz and La Laguna and had no responses from them, perhaps this is down to people not being particularly into this type of thing here or the binmen are too efficient! I do think they might have been discarded unfortunately, I think I will hold off on putting more in public and stick to the art school and the wasteland, as well as Madrid, Barcelona, Manchester and a couple of cities in Australia that I will visit later in the year.


The fantastic Free for Arts Festival is on again this year and I am participating in that with the Artefakes project, I am getting some choice pieces together and posting them over for it so if you are in any of the venues in Manchester during this festival, be on the lookout for shiny gold treasures and please feedback to me what you thought of them, I am genuinely curious.


these are the main objects I used for most of the pieces, aside from the natural ones like Jacaranda pods and gumnuts, other seedpods and natural things.

artefakes originals.jpg
the logo plate is the symbol of the city La Laguna and I found this broken plate in the street, my friends wondered why I was keeping it.. hah! , the plastic gun I found in Santa Cruz during carnival, a plastic Euro cent, plastic muffin and plastic red star, Jacaranda pod and plastic cameo.. a great and random collection of things for my movable museum.








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