Walks: Mount Teide, up one side, down the other


Erasmus in Tenerife 2


click for bigger… some fog on the mountain going up

bear with me here… this is sort of a long post, it was a long trek!

Up and down Mt Teide, various routes and paths, 2 days
Day 1. walking from 11:30 am til 5pm
Day 2. Walking from 5:30 am til 1:30pm

Total elevation reached: 3718 mtrs, it is, and I quote from Wikipedia!… the third highest volcano on a volcanic ocean island in the world

Total distance: around 22km, ( that being said, each kilometre felt like two and it was no where near the nice gentle forest walks of La Caldera the week before) this was seriously brutal stuff.

My phone died shortly into the second leg, day 2 so I have no reading for that but the path is a certain length. my route tracker only caught the first bit going to the…

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