Walks: Anaga, Cruz Del Carmen to Punta Del Hidalgo

Erasmus in Tenerife 2

Walk: Cruz Del Carmen to Punta Del Hidalgo
Total distance: 10.84km (11km)
Terrain: mountains, steep rocky paths, muddy paths

Here’s some lovely serene audio from the mountains



Screenshot_2016-05-22-18-16-04[1] Enter a caption tracked using open gps tracker, an excellent tool.

I have been meaning to finish this stretch of the mountain trails for some time and did it the other day, the bus goes from La Laguna to Cruz Del Carmen and there are a variety of trails to go on from there but this is the one I wanted to do, I completed a different section of it a couple of months ago down to Los Batanes.

It started off in muddy and foggy cool temperate conditions at Cruz del Carmen and it is beautiful in the mountains when it’s like this, slippery as all get out though so inevitably you will end up.. I ended up going over a…

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