This blog is to record the work I am doing and to document my Erasmus placement in Santa Cruz de   Tenerife at Universidad de La Laguna.

I am currently working on mapping, sound recording, exploring, documenting, I am doing specific walks and creating sound maps in order to build a different way of recording spaces that is not solely photography and also finding new ways to explore working with found objects. I would like to produce a  field guide for future students who might want to come here.  I am sort of designing a backpack for carting gear around in hot weather and learning as much as I can about the island and its history.

Where all the work is:

Links to current projects that are being recorded on maps:

Also, as I have already maxed out my upload limit for photos on this blog I have put and linked to all new images here so please check out the links in posts , most relevant posts will be reblogged on here anyway though.

I have done some little videos to put into various blog posts as well as some of sequences of images for various -of photography/things theat need to be seen in more than one image and they are all gathered neatly here on The You Tubes

My Interactive Arts course blog






tenerife pic0001

This map up here is from this great little book I found in the Paramount Bookshop on Shudehill in Manchester, it’s the greatest bookshop ever and by a long shot, if not one of only a handful left in Manchester.
The book is from 1971 and has some wonderful images of what the cities, beaches and country were like nearly 45 years ago.








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