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The first exhibition I went to in January was at the Museo de la Naturaleza y el Hombre to see the exhibition Lithografismos







Here’s some sound from inside.

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Beautifully detailed work in a very serene setting, it helps when there’s no one else in the room and you can enjoy the exhibition that way. I did like the circle of black volcanic rock in the centre of the room

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Feb 24th

There are a few really nice small galleries in La Laguna and I visited a couple of exhibitions, first at STUNT Gallery and then at Galeria Artezar, there is also a great gallery space upstairs from La Caixa bank which is currently hosting a very powerful group show called Corpus Crustae, on the body, sexuality, religion and manipulation.. sparse but elegant and really engaging stuff. You can look down on the daily goings on in the bank while browsing the arts upstairs a strange juxtaposition but I think there ought to be more spaces like this everywhere!




March 4th

Fundacio Cristino de Vera, La Laguna

I have walked past this many times and this was the first time I went inside.

This beautiful gallery space acts as a gallery and education space dedicated to the wonderful work of Cristino de Vera, a Tenerifian artist whose works seek to create balance and harmony. The space itself certainly conveys this and is a nice combination of the traditional old architecture of Tenerife and new more modern structures. There are lovely black and white photos of his studio and home as well as his many drawings and etchings.

There are no pictures allowed inside the gallery so nothing to see here unfortunately but  here are some pics of the leaflets!

Look into his work if you have not heard of him, it is peaceful and thought provoking, to me it was at least. It is one of the few free entry galleries in the city, there are a few and they seem to be financially supported by various banks.

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