It’s nice to have the time and good light to do some playing around with long exposure and other things, here are some of the things I have been messing about with .. in and out of the city, mostly in. What makes it really cool is that there is a lot of down time when the streets are all but deserted so I can get out there and take my time.
a few recent long exposure pictures

I set up a separate photography blog for photos I think are ok, just really simple and only the images HERE


I was in a square in Santa Cruz at twilight, it was darker than it looks here .. and doing a long exposure shot when these people came to stand here for a short time then left, perfect timing! Nikon 50mm prime lens, Aperture priority setting

I got a 50mm prime lens a couple of months ago and basically use it for everything, the light is incredible and the colour is lovely.

These next ones, not great but it was 3 am/30..ish and so not feeling as sharp as usual… walking home up the hill by the tram and there is this abandoned building I really like so I thought I would mess about with the car lights, few and far between as they are.. again with the prime lens on.. nothing amazing but some things to work from and think about for sure.









Next up we have another after 3am street photo experiment… this time with self portraiture, to be honest I was the only one there so could only use myself as a subject so… I wanted to see what would happen if I wandered around in front of the camera a bit, this was the first time I had ever done long exposure so it is just a test but I gotta say, I really do love the light quality from that 50mm… I might never use anything else again.

me 2




messing about on the roof with my housemate






a few recent long exposure pictures



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