My trusty but banged up old Tascam DR-05 goes everywhere with me, it’s like a camera for sound and I never like to leave it behind, you just never know what interesting things there will be that are worth recording. Photography, writing and sketching are all wonderful ways to remember and capture a place but I think sound recording is a better way, you hear the life, the activity that is going on at the time, it is, I feel more than photography, truly capturing a moment in time. Sure, video can do this as well but I think it is more focused when it is just sound, you are tuned in more to the minute sounds, the big sounds and get a different feel for what you are hearing. I do anyway and I love listening back to recordings and remembering exactly what was going on at the time, or hearing new things.

 Recordings on Bandcamp

Recordings on Soundcloud


Feb 8th.


I am doing standard everyday street recordings and nature recordings, I do need to get an external mic though.
Also I am recording the Sculpture trail, so there is a map that the city produced to mark the sculpture trail in the city and I am making recordings in all of them, the idea to put the recorder on or as close as possible to the sculptures, one or two are hard to get to but I get as close as I can. The idea is to do every one and then I have done a lot that are not on the official map of the sculpture trail but are just as worthy.  I’ve been doing graphite rubbings of the name plates and descriptions where possible as well.

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So this is a work in progress of course and it will all be added to this map where you can hover over the map markers to hear the sounds.

( but for some reason the map code will not embed properly)

Feb 19th…. so I have been having some issues with the zeemaps for some reason so am not currently adding to it, it will not work 😦 oh well…. so I am putting everything on soundcloud though in a playlist here  

March 1st

Zeemaps problem resolved so I will get back to adding to that today

Initially the idea was to record a few minutes of audio on or as close to every sculpture on the map, however there are so many sculptures and public art works I have just been doing them all so this particular project will be much bigger than it was going to be, I hope there will be some good variety in the sound and something interesting comes of it.
Blog HERE for the Sculpture Trail recordings


Longer Recordings:

Here is a long recording done on a soundwalk across Santa Cruz, this one goes for a bout 24 minutes ( too big for soundcloud or bandcamp)  and there are lots of changes form parks to traffic and people as I go to different parts of the city.



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