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One of the main reasons I wanted to come here is for walking,  exploring. Walking is the best way to see places as you take your time, get into a rhythm and move at your own pace. I have been thinking a lot about walking in relation to artistic practice and recently bought this fantastic book:

The Art of Walking .. review

It contains records of many artists walks and some commissioned ideas in the front of the book. Along side mapping and documenting hikes and other walks there are a few in here I would like to modify and redesign and try out plus a few of my own I have done before. Mostly to do with sound recording and mapping. In big cities like London and even small ones like Manchester one can play the part of the Flanneur quite brilliantly, Santa Cruz, as I am discovering is actually perfectly windy and twisty and flanneur friendly! I am going to map out some of these and then see what I can do with the map data and routes. Maybe a series of etchings or lino prints of the map routes.

I have been here for nearly 4 weeks (as of feb 9th) and have done a huge amount of walking already, yesterday I went to Cruz Del Carmen and walked through the mountain trails.

I use this GPS compass to take pictures as well so I can put together pretty detailed maps and accounts of walks Smart Tools Apps, they have Db meters, spirit levels and a range of really useful measuring tools ( not an add, I just really like them)


There are quite a few walking apps available but I have really found I like this one best:

Simply Walking – GPS Map Steps unlike some other gps recording apps, this one does not require
wifi or data to be turned on which is good for battery power. It puts your route onto the map as you do it and allows you to export the data, I am still trying to figure out how to export the map as an image. Seems the only way is a screenshot from the phone.

Yesterday ( screen says 4th of Feb, phone was being weird)

Click for bigger images


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the first half of the Tolkein worthy mountain journey I completed yesterday, no hobbits were encountered however.
The Art of Walking .. review

This one here is from another app that comes from Google, My Tracks, again it has various screen and map views and can be exported to google drive.

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Photos taken between Cruz Del Carmen and Los Batanes

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March 1st,

A short recording walking from La Paz tram stop to Strasse park cafe down La Rambla, I got off the Tranvia and walked down to meet friends at Strasse Park Listen Here


March 2nd
Urban stroll around La Laguna

As you can see, I walked for about an hour and a half on this one, it was a chance to explore areas of town I had not previously visited so it was nice, I just grooved around and turned here and there, not much obviously. Here are some photos from the stroll, meander, wander, etc. This is the type of walk I really enjoy, a slow aimless amble where I explore, discover, just enjoy being there with no particular agenda or place to go.


I did a sound walk along this route and recorded audio for 35 minutes, somehow that recording has been lost or corrupted but here are two shorter recordings,

one on the way through town from the main street out a bit and the second one along Avenida Universidad, a magnificent tree lined avenue where runners train mostly. the first one is more street sounds and the second more peaceful with birds and calmer things etc
Here are a few pictures from the walk.


March 6th

Walk from Mercado de Nuestra Señora de África in Santa Cruz  throughthe Parque Don Quiqote, to the sculpture on the roundabout on Avenida Reyes Catolicos .. I just wandered and recorded and noticed how the sounds change as you move through different parts of townScreenshot_2016-03-06-14-24-36[1]

sound recording walking around the market
and here is a 24 minute sound recording taken  during the walk in the map above


 March 10th
City walk, Santa Cruz

Another pleasant walk around Santa Cruz, I really enjoy walking around the city in different ways and feeling the changes in the areas and vibe, pace and sounds, what I try to do on these urban strolls is just derive style really, turn if something takes my interest, generally go with the flow and it is a great way to discover. the timing on this one reflects a very low pace day, slowly exploring, stopping a lot and not being in a hurry. It seems something is not quite calibrated with the app though as I did walk a lot more than this and there are a couple of big parts missing so I don’t know why that is.. might need updating.

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I am starting to develop a system for documenting the bigger walks as well as a bit of a plan… the plan is the take on at least one big ( 10k or more) walk per week and at least another smaller one, urban or other.. so a large challenging one and a smaller easier one per week. I think with the other work I am doing this is sufficient, then I can spend some time editing sound recording, notes and photos and writing them up.


March 14th
Puertito de Guimar to Candelaria
about 9k
water consumption:2 litres
Temperature: around 24 degrees
Found objects: many and varied

Photos of the walk Here 


this is part of the route I walked, first part did not record on simply walking, the first half took me nearly 2 hours as it is really rocky, I went “off piste” quite a bit and you have to watch your footing in most places, plus I stopped a lot to enjoy it and explore things.



puertito to candelaria
There is one track across Malpais but other options if you want to go around, I went right across, along the coast.

As part of my other project ( not really started yet ) I will try to document my water usage on walks as well as in general for that piece of work. Beginning with this walk overview.

Starting at Puertito de Guimar which is a really nice little town on the beach, the path heads along the coast to Socorro and from there you walk along the road and up through an industrial estate to Candelaria, there’s another 10k round trip around the mountain and I had a bit of a go at that last week with the others but we were not prepared for a massive walk that next week I would like to do that circuit. It’s incredibly beautiful landscape and is a nature reserve now, it should be said that it is desert like, open and without shade so water is essential and taking a nice easy pace is too, in hindsight it would have been better to start this one earlier in the day but I do not mind the heat so it was nice for me. I think I saw a total of 3 people from the start of Malpais to the end at Soccorro and then of course a few at the little beaches and fishing village at the other end. There are the remnants of agriculture alongside functioning banana plantations in the area just outside the bounds of the reserve but it looks like much of what was there is now giving way to construction, many apartment buildings going up and the town is growing rapidly, it is always a risky business this, a place becomes popular because it is beautiful and unique then people flock to it, build flats, reduce the uniqueness etc.. but… the ecology is extremely interesting, there are very specific plants and cactus that support a lot of other life, It is only a very hardy and well adapted life form, animal or vegetable that can make its home in the volcanic rock.

The path is clearly laid out and is all loose rock so if you want to marvel and ooh aah at things it’s best to stop and chill for a while, to be honest this place really is all about slow peaceful reflection .. except for the one extreme marathon guy running but hey… theyre’s always one!
There are wild cherry tomato vines growing all over the place out here and I can only suppose this is a remnant of tomato greenhouses that once occupied the ruins here ( next walk I shall have a wander around them more thoroughly) and it is amazing to see this hardly little ground hugging vine fruiting and flourishing in what is essentially desert landscape.

Here are a couple of slightly different accounts by two guys who walked a similar route, well one did Candelaria to Puertito and the other did the 10k round the mountain trek ( my next one)

There’s quite a lot of marine debris in certain coves and parts of the coast line and it is down to the tides, it is very interesting to see what washes up.. all along the coast I saw a lot, LOT of those plastic tampon applicators, broken lighters, wooden crates smashed on the rocks and shoes, flip flops etc.. predominately. Also paper, toilet paper I guess.. I wonder how much of this stuff has come of cruise ships or ships in general.



And here are the lovely little things I picked up on this walk, my found objects for the day, a mix of man made and natural. As I am unable to carry loads of stuff around it is a nice exercise in being a bit more selective with the items I decide to collect.


It’s a wonderful place to walk if you like solitude, landscapes and plenty of space around you, which I do, I can see this becoming a regular walk, from whichever end to whichever, I think next time, after the round trip I will start at Candelaria and go to Puertito.

Photos of the marvelous landscape are here on my photo storage site.

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